As of April 24th the site will close down and the group will become available in IRC and forum only. We can still be reached at asdfscanlations(at)
Also, I’m releaseing Hibi 38 on the reader till april 24th.
Trigger is !hibi38
Black Bullet still working on it will be out soon.

Look! We got something done! Yes, we’re still alive and here to bring you Last Game chapter 25! We’d also like to thank roankun for his spectacular translations! EXCLAMATION MARK.

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(Although it was fun watching you guys login on IRC and try the trigger over and over, I should say that the trigger doesn’t currently work. You can download it off of Batoto if you really want to or just click to read online for now). Trigger works now :)

You come and you (try to) trigger, and maybe stay to chat about the weather or elephants. Don’t forget, we are in need of J>E translators, and pretty much every other position too. If you’ve got the skills, then go ahead and apply.

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So, as some of you may know, we’ve been releasing less and less. That is because most of our staff became preoccupied by real life obligations as well as some who went MIA. Therefore, we have decided minimized the work load, and allow other groups to take over our projects.

We are going to be focusing on these projects:
Hibi Chouchou – We’ll definitely be catching up on this.
Black Bullet – We are looking for a JTL for it, so please apply! (Save me =[)
Instant Bullet
Last Game
Walkure and Anohana – Mini projects. We will release if we have time.

We have dropped the following series:
Boku no IeSenpai Scans is now working on this project.
Love Riron – Licensed. Please support the author by buying the official volumes.
Kimikoi – Some of you may be disappointed, but Chibi is still doing this series so you’ll have to read theirs instead.
Kuzu no Honkai – Lack cleaner, and other stuff.
Hana to Rakurai – It’s been stalled enough. Dropped.
Everything else. . .

All in all, we will be doing four main projects. It doesn’t mean we aren’t still actively recruiting; we are! So please, if you have any interest (and dedication), please apply <3!

Without further ado,
Black Bullet 13 Read Online
trigger: !bb13

Hey guys, we’ve another chapter of Hibi Chouchou for you to enjoy.  Kuzu no Honkai chapter 7 is also available for download now.

Hibi 37 trigger : !hibi37
Kuzu 7 trigger: !kuzu7

I also have an announcement to make. We have decided to drop the following projects:

We have also stalled a few projects due to lack of staff. As some of you may or may not have noticed, we have updated both the site and the forums. You can find a list of our stalled projects here.

We are still recruiting for all positions except proofreaders. Please help us out if you can.


We apologize for the lack of mass releases this year. I am aware that we had two around this time of year last year. This year, our staff, including me, have been busy in the realm of real life, so it couldn’t be helped. Let’s hope for a more productive 2014! ASDF Scans would like to wish all of you a happy new year! And since I’m Korean, 새해 복 많이 받으세요! Last Game can be found on IRC and our reader. As always, thanks to roankun for the translations!

Trigger: !lg23

PS. We are still recruiting all positions so please help us by applying! Thank you!

Hmmmm…Not much to say….well it’s almost a new year so…HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Stay safe! <3 We might have another release so I’m a bit early. :P

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PS. We are still recruiting all positions so please help us by applying! Thank you!